Friday, November 4, 2005

Fourth Month

The changes continue in the fourth month! His cries have changed again, so sometimes he won't eat when we think he sounds hungry. Keep adapting to the changes!


He started this month with a growth spurt that lasted longer than before and had many days of marathon nursing. We had to use formula few times because I couldn't produce enough breastmilk, but he was hungry enough to try anyway. (Ow. Formula gave me time to recover.) And growth spurts do include extra crying. His maternal grandmother saw him on Friday when the growth spurt started, and again on Monday. She remarked that he was visibly longer with a bigger head just in those three days. He was bigger again in the next three days too. One consequence of this weight gain is that our backs get tired sooner while carrying him. Another is that going back to work is not easy. (He fusses more when I leave, and I can't stand that.) When he's waking up, he does this funny stretch with his arms straight out in front, moving just a little. I call that Baby Frankenstein.


All of a sudden, with the growth spurt, 0-3 month clothing is too small! Actually, his tee shirts and onesies still fit, but his footed rompers are now too short in the legs. Since he loves to (try to) stand, clothing that keeps him from stretching his legs makes him upset. Footed rompers with non-skid soles are best since he needs help standing. Now that the weather is getting cooler, rompers are handy.


He tried upright nursing again, but that's very difficult for me now that he's taller. If he wants to make a habit of it, I'll need to sit on a cushion while he stands on the seat. (Of course he thinks standing to eat is the best. He loves to stand!)


The Amazing Miracle Blanket is still useful for swaddling because it still usually holds his arms so that he doesn't wake up by bonking himself in the face.


We got him the Intelli-tainer stationary activity center so that he could enjoy standing while we enjoyed watching but not holding him. Since standing is so fun for him, he loves it. He does move and study the toys on it, but I'm not sure how much he needs the toys yet. The height adjustment isn't the best (he can either reach the toys, or the floor, but not both), so I put a shoebox under his feet. Once I also put weights in there so he couldn't kick his support away, he was happier for longer.


We went to a Halloween costume party with him this month. At first he was quite scared, and we thought we would have to leave early, but he settled down after he noticed that we weren't scared by that devil costume. He was a hit! He loves being the center of attention, so I'm sure that helped too.

Total weight loss: down 8 pounds overall (up 1 pound from last month).