Thursday, October 2, 2014

Make Plarn

The problem with plarn projects (for me) is how long it takes to make the plarn. Now that I've tried it, this is my new method to make plarn reasonably: spiral-cut plarn. I just tie the ends together if needed, without the joining splice.

Hit that link for the description with photos! What I do is fold the bag over (smoothly, neatly) four times, leaving an inch on one edge not in the folds. Then cut through all of the layers of the folds while leaving the spine untouched (that's fast!). For the last step, open the (remains of the) bag up and cut diagonals from one row to the next (that's easy). Now wind your plarn for storage, or get crafting!

I'm more likely to craft with plarn now! ... The first three projects were painfully slow due to plarn production.