Sunday, December 4, 2005

Fifth Month

He's really the cutest ... I can't wait to come home when I go to work!


He's starting to notice his toys now, and that these arm things can move his toys. He also lifts his head much more. I thought he lifted his head before, but his neck control is more impressive now. He turns his head rapidly when we walk outside, so he can take it all in. When our dog runs around the yard, he watches her! He still wants to fill his brain, and that takes more of our attention.


Same old 3-6 months size, footed rompers for this weather.


Yes, he nurses! He'll take a bottle now. We tried rice cereal a few times, but he thinks spoons are weird.


No luck here. sigh


Most of the time he's all about standing in his Intellitainer, and sometimes that's awful and he wants to lie on his back playing with the toys on his Gymini. He has tummy time there too, and it became nap time twice. He lifts and moves his head during those naps (closely monitored since Back to Sleep).


I don't soak through breast pads anymore, and in fact rarely soak them at all, although I still need to wear them. Now they protect that oh-so-tender area from rubbing and contact. I'm glad I use washable breast pads since they're rarely "used" at the end of the day. I know some swear by disposible breast pads, and I do have those in the diaper bags just in case, but I use washable ones.

Total weight loss: down 8 pounds overall (same as last month, and yes, that's 8 pounds less than my weight at his conception, and no, that's not average).