Thursday, April 27, 2006

Diaper Review, size 2

Size 2 diapers are rated for 12 to 18 pounds, and there's still a 2 pound overlap, so size 3 starts at 16 pounds. Unlike before, being on the low end wasn't a good time to start the next size, so we used size 2 diapers until he was just about to hit 18 pounds. We used 714 Pampers Swaddlers, 144 Pampers Baby Dry, and 96 Huggies, putting on the first one at 1:00 AM on November 21st, and taking off the last one this morning on April 27th. Again, we liked the Swaddlers best.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Prius Irony

I read an entry by a Prius owner explaining the seductive game of getting the highest fuel economy possible, competing with other Prius owners. At the time I thought, Yeah, regenerative braking is pretty cool. I remembered that recently with a sardonic twist.

I do care about efficiency (I compost! I recycle!), and I carpool to work when possible even though I sometimes have to shuffle my schedule. My own version of the Prius game is to try to beat the published EPA ratings. Our newest car, which is actually his and not mine, but I drive it often, can display the instantaneous fuel economy on the electronic dashboard display. I usually leave it on that setting because it makes bursts of acceleration less tempting (unless traffic conditions warrant it, and then I'm glad I'm not driving my diesel).

I was driving to work behind a Prius last week, and I noticed the driver used the brakes for half a mile before one turn. Seriously, it's only 45 mph through there, it's slightly uphill, and you don't have to stop for this turn, so it seemed premature ... unless you're trying to up the economy of your hybrid. You can coast to this turn, no brake and no accelerator, and get it about right. However, we were crawling to the turn, so of course I had time to watch my dashboard. I drive to work pretty often, and I always glance at the fuel economy as I straighten out from this turn. Braking, braking, braking, and I'm watching my fuel economy drop, drop, drop because we're going uphill and I needed to give the car a little gas to make it up at that speed. I lost badly at my fuel economy game that morning.

Which brings me to The Prius Irony: what the Prius driver does to increase Prius fuel economy just shoots my fuel economy all the way down. Yeah, that helps!

(When I notice another diesel on the road, I try to accommodate that too. Diesels are most efficient maintaining speed, so you avoid braking to improve economy. The Ford Reflex concept car, an electric-diesel hybrid, could be very cool by removing that penalty. And a well-tuned diesel isn't a terrible polluter. However, a gas engine needs a tune-up to keep the timing within 4 degrees, while a diesel can run albeit poorly and smokily with the timing off 20 degrees. So well tuned is critical, but then the efficiency is good. Plus bio-diesel is coming to my neck of the corn field.)

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Ninth Month


He picks up new routines quickly, sometimes on the second repetition! He is still sitting well, and he's almost standing. He pulls himself up by grabbing our shirts.


He's outgrowing some outfits again. All of his 3-6 month clothes are done, and some of the 6-9 month outfits are too small. We got a new batch of onesies, and pulled some 9-12 month rompers from the attic into production.


He's nursing a lot less, and eating food a lot more. He nurses at night, with super suction still, but he wants a spoon during the day. I pump 1-3 times/day, depending on how much he nurses during the day. Sometimes he regresses from his daytime-is-for-spoons-only position and is quite interested in nursing (usually with a big smile and excited hand pedaling).


Why do I even tease myself with this category? I set him down drowsy at the same time each night after a bedtime routine he loves, he puts himself to sleep ... and he wakes up to nurse or to cuddle. I know which fussing cries I can ignore, but if he's hungry or lonely, he won't settle down without attention (and he will cry until he vomits, so "crying it out" is pretty harsh when it=vomit).


He got a Jumperoo this month, and he would have used it a little sooner! The Jumperoo requires more head, neck, and trunk stability than his other toys, at least for the way he jumps himself silly.

The baby backpack has been great for hikes! He also needs good neck control for it. The general advice for baby backpacks is to buy from a backpack manufacturer, not a baby manufacturer. I'll let you know what we think next month, after we have had a chance to try both.


We didn't go far, but we learned that he thinks tractors are cool, especially when someone drives them inside the store.


Who needs sleep? I've got to start exercising more though.

Total weight loss: down 10 pounds and holding.

Monday, April 3, 2006

Quicksilver: Software - Utility - Launcher

So utilitarian, I don't think about it anymore! That is, until I use a Mac without Quicksilver beta 48, and then it feels so slow and antiquated to look for applications to launch.

I'm not even scratching the surface of what Quicksilver can do when I use it. For applications, it can launch another copy, or open bookmarks, or whatever else I don't do with it.

If you'd rather organize, use Butler. If you'd like to try a different fast search, try Launchbar. If you want a menu item launcher, use Rocket Launcher (I used to). But for fast searches without thinking, I'll stick with Quicksilver.