Sunday, April 26, 2009


I just had to check, and yes, Bank of America just dropped the limit on my credit card! (I had to compare this letter to the previous one.) In fact, if you round down to 2 significant digits, they cut my limit in HALF. Now, I've never ever run up even 10% on this card, so a 50% cut isn't a problem. I consider it less of a liability to have a lower limit. I know it's just a response to the recent financial crisis, but I think I'm proud of BoA.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

First Iris!

My first iris of the season bloomed this morning! It's yellow, and it's lovely! (I'm sure if I tended my irises at all, and if they had more sun, they'd bloom earlier. But what they get is loving neglect.) Between the hot weather today and the summer flowers, I'm all set for summer! Woo-hoo, bring on the warmth!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hemp Milk: great for babies!

I noticed that Cale's hempmilk says Not for use as an infant formula. I know the true (cynical) reason for that label is that infant formula makers have expensive lawyers and lobbyists to crowd out the competition. But the more I think about it, the more that annoys me. (Rachel Ray is right: who's going to lobby for broccoli? because they should.) I have a baby who is allergic to milk and soy. Infant formula is either made from milk or from soy. Oh sure, there's the hypoallergenic hydrolyzed formula for babies with allergies. Guess what? Cale doesn't like the flavor, and it gives him a lot of painful gas (a mild allergic reaction). So when Cale wants a bottle or ta-ta and I don't have anything for him, what am I supposed to do? It was the best of serendipity that I learned about hemp milk from another parent at work, a dad who's proud his twin girls, who outweigh Cale despite being twins to his single status, have never had formula, just breast milk or this hemp milk. If those twins thrived on hemp milk, as they clearly did with their outstanding weight gain to go from premature twins to normal size within the first year, I'm convinced it's safe for Cale to drink even if it's <sarcasm>not for use as an infant formula</sarcasm>. No you twerpy lawyers, it's better, much better, than infant formula (Cale likes the flavor and doesn't get painful allergic gas from it)! How am I supposed to know these things, to be a good mom to my sweet child who has multiple allergies, when the formula companies have lawyers making sure this vital information is suppressed? *sigh* I'm glad I've got something for Cale, but I'm sad that this isn't widely known. I'm so sorry that other moms in my situation (baby with multiple allergies, including milk and soy) don't know that there's an easy answer that's cheaper and healthier than hydrolyzed infant formula. Shucks, you don't even have to be avoiding allergies to want to know this! Save money? Healthy alternative? You bet!

I know every use, even one!, of infant formula in the first year* increases the chance of SIDS as compared to a diet of strictly breast milk. Like the campaign says, breast is best. It really is! *Yes, somewhere between 4 and 6 months, babies need pureed food added to their diet too. As long as it's healthy (not pureed fast food greasy salty swill), baby food isn't a risk. What I mean is, if it goes in a bottle, formula is not my first choice (breast milk) or my second choice (help milk). Formula's not even on my list. And I'm generally not the crunchy type if you know what I mean ...