Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Sixth Month

The sixth month was a teaser: sometimes he would almost follow a schedule so I would feel like I could have a life, and sometimes he would sleep a long stretch at night. And sometimes he wouldn't do either!


He's raking at toys, and still loves attention from anyone.


He wears onesies under a terry romper. The onesie is for extra warmth, and the all-in-one romper is just so convenient! Rompers with feet mean he doesn't need socks or slippers (which he pulls off rather quickly anyway), and terry rompers stretch so that they last through more growth.


He started to eat rice cereal this month. It's not as good as nursing, but he'll eat it, especially if Daddy feeds him. He loves Daddy time!


Sometimes! Sometimes he sleeps through a fair portion of the night (four hours), and sometimes he doesn't even want to nap.


He loves his Intelli-tainer!


Need ... more ... sleep! Working from home a few days a week is perfect. I like using my brain, but I like being around my child too. It wouldn't work if I didn't have the support of my husband, my mother (child care when I do go in), and my boss.

Total weight change: down 9 pounds.