Thursday, September 16, 2010

Secret Life Of Machines

Yes, yes! I found a tip that you can now download episodes of The Secret Life Of Machines! That's one of my favorite shows ever, but I never see re-runs on TV anymore. The Exploratorium archive has streaming QuickTime, but I found the easier format (can download, doesn't stutter) to be Flash video at; I'm not a fan of Flash to put it mildly (check out the boss phrase generator while you're there), so when I prefer Flash to QuickTime, you know it's a genuine statement.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

No Insomnia!!!

A wonderful thing happened last night: no insomnia!!! Most nights of my life, I've experienced insomnia. I did kick it for a short while during the second trimester with Karston, after morning sickness but before getting huge. I felt like I learned enough then to kick it. Last night, I would get first-order comfy (you know, this will do to start, but I'm sure I'll need to find at least one more position before I fall asleep), and each time I was asleep in under a minute! I've never done that after getting up to fetch juice from the frig at 3 am!

What did I do right? (I would really like to know!) Lunch was gluten-free, casein-free, soy-free spaghetti and meatballs. I was still hungry, but I kept my afternoon snacking mostly under control: dried fruit, one chocolate crispy wafer bar. I was starved for an early dinner, so I ate a gigantic salad while watching TV. Then I had reduced fat cheezits while fixing black beans with rice and chorizo. I was still, yes, still!, hungry, so I ate 1/4 of a leftover pita and prunes. We all went outside to weed the garden. It got dark, so we came inside. Cale was being so good and so helpful, I rewarded him with his first pair of safety scissors whereupon we spent the rest of the evening, me holding scrap paper, Cale cutting with two hands. He sat down on the floor right away, so the mess wasn't widespread. Then Daddy read bedtime stories while I cleaned up, Cale nursed to sleep, then I went to my own bed to sleep instantly and soundly until the 3 am juice call. After juice, I curled up next to him, head on his stuffed gorilla (just a cuddle before trying to fall asleep you know), and then it was 4 am with crick in my neck. Got comfy, 5 am cuddle call. Couldn't fall asleep, but on 7.5 hours of the best sleep ever, I don't care. Falling asleep in one to two minutes instead of one to two hours is indescribably beautiful! I've never done it before but I'd like to repeat it. Often.