Tuesday, January 10, 2017

How Icy Was It?

My cul-de-sac was quite icy on Monday (yesterday); I'd estimate that there was one 4-foot-square patch of pavement after the snow plow came through twice, and the rest was an inch thick of hard-packed ice. After three days below freezing (yes, even during the daylight hours!), the ice had bonded to the pavement in places. Notice that ice isn't mentioned with "Neither snow nor rain ..." I was expecting a package yesterday, so I looked at the tracking status. Here's what it said:

LOCATION, No Access, We attempted to deliver your item at 5:37 pm on January 9, 2017 in LOCATION but could not complete the delivery because the employee did not have access to the delivery location. Your item will go out for delivery on the next business day.

I maintain that means too much ice!!! However, I'm glad my postal carrier wasn't risking his neck in sub-freezing temperatures after dark trying to deliver a package that can wait until today (should be above freezing in about an hour).