Saturday, January 13, 2007

OnMyCommand: Software - Utility - Contextual Menus

One sign of a useful utility is that you don't notice you're using it, but you do notice it's excruciating to use a different Mac without it. That captures how I feel about OnMyCommand. The download comes with the extremely useful OMCEdit application to get you started. I keep these commands and a few others at my fingertips: Open Terminal Here, Copy Path to Clipboard, View Metadata, Change webloc file to url, and Make <img> tags. Open Terminal Here closes the loop between CLI and GUI for OS X. From Terminal, you can type open . to open the current directory as a Finder winder. Well, with a right click on the window's background, Open Terminal Here will launch a new Terminal window and change to that window's directory. It makes the Unix experience of OS X seamless. Copy Path to Clipboard not only copies the path of the current file, but also properly escapes certain characters for you. Easy! You can find these commands and more here.

Hmm, I think I need to add Update Finder Front Window from mats to OnMyCommand, if there's not an equivalent already. It's basic AppleScript, so it's ready for OMC without serious work.

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