Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Morning Sickness Again

I really don't do pregnant well. I feel crummy all the time (except when I just get out of bed) with morning sickness. This time it didn't start until the classic 6 week mark; before that, I kept saying, I don't feel pregnant. However, this time it's also worse. Last time, I was queasy all the time. This time I have three warring symptoms: queasy, heartburn, and sickly small doses of emesis. Ick. Many of the food-related items that ease my queasiness, namely citrus, are heartburn triggers! So not only am I dragging, not only do I feel terrible, but fixing one symptom makes another worse. The queasiness starts about 30 minutes after I wake up and lasts until after I fall asleep. The heartburn generally starts after dinner, although sometimes it starts after lunch, and lasts most of the night. The emesis usually happens when I'm brushing my teeth after breakfast, so at least I'm already in the bathroom.

So I looked for another guide to manage morning sickness this time. Possible underlying causes are dehydration or excess saliva. I can't argue with either theory since water (and other beverages) taste nasty right now. One suggestion (Book of Home Remedies, Rodale Press) is to munch on almonds. That tastes good, and might ease it a little, but it doesn't help much and it doesn't help with thirst. One thing that has helped is switching what I eat for breakfast. Recently my favorite cereal was Fiber One Honey Clusters; it's low sugar but tastes enjoyably sweet thanks to sucralose. Well, when I switched to grits with no sweetening at all, I skipped the emesis. That still leaves me with the contradictory pair of queasy and heartburn, but it's a start on relief. I wonder what the anti-morning-sickness diet looks like? Probably bland and unsweetened.

So I looked for that as well, and found a dietary suggestion for morning sickness. Following it, I asked myself which of the following flavors sounded appealing, on a +/./- scale for yes yummy / whatever / no nasty. It's not encouraging!

salty .

sour -

bitter -

sweet -

crunchy .

fizzy -

mushy .

wet .

dry .

hot .

cold .

bland .

tangy .

spicy -

fruity .

earthy -

That's right, nothing at all sounds appealing. I thought I was just too worn out to have a tasty idea, but given a list, I still can't find anything I want to eat. This is going to be tough.

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