Friday, November 7, 2008

Not That Kind of Cool

Yesterday I drove home behind a guy on a chopper motorcycle. He really didn't look as "cool" to me as I'm sure he intended. First of all, his hands were as high as the top of his head. How cool do you look with your arms up? Then he was wearing baggy jeans, and the wind was going up his jeans legs and making them billow. Yeah, we all think the marshmallow michelin man looks cool, right? So I laughed about that. I'm sure his legs were cool --or downright cold-- but he didn't appear cool to me.

I wasn't impressed with this guy's sense of safety either. He had one hand off of his handlebars for several minutes through a curvy section of road. Plus baggy jeans can get caught in a motorcycle's engine, so I just didn't see good sense. Oddly, though, he was driving well under the speed limit.

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