Saturday, December 13, 2008

Diaper Count

Well, one of things I can do after a week-long trip with the kids is know how many diapers they go through (a closed system this week; usually they spend some time away from home not going to work with us). The answer is one toddler and one baby went through 52 diapers from Saturday mid-morning until now, the following Saturday evening. So about 7 diapers per day. And about half that for number of wipes. The boys are close enough in size that we just bought Huggies Supreme (they were on sale) size 5. Huggies Supreme seem to run a bit smaller than Pampers Cruisers, but they worked. They don't seem as flexible, and I'm glad to get back to good ol' Pampers. But then again, it's all-around nice to be home again!

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