Monday, December 22, 2008

Not What I Expected To Hear

I work in the same building as most of the Networking group. While I was filling my tea mugs in the break room this morning, I certainly did not expect to hear a modem squeal. Since almost everyone is out today, I took a quick peek to see who would be using such old technology when the people to ask for a gigabit ethernet connection are just down the hall. As it turns out, I'm pretty sure the culprit isn't a person. I remembered that all of the offices have VoIP phones that don't support direct modem connections, but the fax machine has a converter. (The few analog lines are marked, and I was standing next to the closest one, so I know it wasn't being used.) The fax has a loud squeal, loud enough that I would hear it all the way in the break room. After my first fax, I learned that you feed your pages to the beast and run away, retreat from the loud noise until it's time to pick up the transmission report. So at first I thought the modem squeal was completely out of place, but now I'm pretty sure it was that bizarre beast, the facsimile machine.

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