Sunday, September 14, 2008


Every time I have a weekend alone with Cale, I learn something about him. This (third) time is the least important discovery, but I learned that Cale is a very hungry, orally fixated child. He nursed as often as he could talk me into lifting my shirt. His grasp is much improved, so get this shirt out of my way is obvious. He ate baby food, and complained if the spoon wasn't back with more food soon enough for him. He eats more baby food for Daddy, though; he would taper off by staring at my chest. Cale was also interested in everything that I ate. We never saw this from Karston, but Jen says Tasha knows that Mom's food is better, so I think Cale's normal, and we're going to learn what normal child eating is like finally. When I reached for a tortilla chip, Cale reached for my chip. I gave him a really large chip to grab and suck until he broke it (nothing choking hazard sized for him!). When I drank water from a straw, Cale went to town sucking condensation off the bottom of my cup. More, more, more! I'm grateful he's eating baby food because I couldn't supply that much! Unlike Karston, Cale eats. Cale is hungry.

He also wanted to touch me at all times, so he kept my hours to sleep near me, and he rode in his Baby Bjorn or Gerry backpack almost constantly. I need a shower! Thank goodness Daddy's home.

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