Saturday, September 20, 2008

This Cynical World

When you turn into our neighborhood, there's a huge gouge of a puddle where someone(s) can't stay on the road for the turn. We've never seen the bad driver(s), so the guesses are wild. I think it's the FedEx driver since he has such trouble with our easy driveway. (He delivered a package today. It's funny that such a big van has such a high-pitched horn; I thought it was one of Karston's toys at first!) Kurtis thinks it could be teenage driver(s), and that sounds reasonable too. However, the prevailing theory is that it's the school bus.

Here's the cynical view of the world. The school superintendant moved into our neighborhood this spring, and the school bus' hole got patched this summer. It may sound harsh, but I was rooting for someone (FedEx or teenager) to lose an axle and learn a lesson about staying on the road and in your lane. Well, what we learned is that it's not the schoolbus. The patch was gouged just a few hours after it was set, and the school buses weren't running during the summer break. In fact, the bad driver (or drivers) is now taking the turn in the neighborhood even wider, and gounging the grass to the outside of the patch.

But that's the way the world works: school super sees a purported school bus problem that could lead to an expensive bus axle repair, and the hole that's been here longer than our six years of seeing it gets fixed within months.

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