Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nursing Tops

Since I'm back in the breastfeeding trenches again, it was time to switch the wardrobe back to compatible shirts. Although I tend to call this apparel a nursing top, the search-friendly phrase is breastfeeding top. This difference is particularly apparent from eBay searches. Either way, I need more.

For fit and not looking like a nursing top, I really like Nursing Mamas; all of their tops feature hidden zippers. If you prefer woven to knit, you'll want to start here. I like the fitted silhouette (although it's a bit large on me), that the zippers don't show, and that the quality of the garment construction and fabric is excellent. I paid for it, too.

So on the less-expensive side, there's the weekly special at Motherwear. These are mostly knit tops. The fit is also a bit large, but that ease might be needed for those openings.What I have from Motherwear seems like it would be easier if I were smaller-chested. The Motherwear camisole with princess seams that I thought I would like the best is difficult to use because I'm not small. My all-time favorite nursing top was a camisole with princess openings came from Motherhood, but they don't carry it anymore. The other entry in this category is Stylin' Mom.

For quality, there's also Expressiva. And that's how to leave the house dressed for breastfeeding.

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